Company incorporation

Start your business entity in Vietnam with the best legal setup that matches your business operations right from the beginning. Our team of local and foreign experts will help you start your business effectively without hassles. We also provide value-added services such as accounting, payroll and recruitment solutions.

Sourcing in Vietnam

Our local team with their broad network of qualified manufacturing factories, market insights and experience with international standards, will help you benchmark and select the best matched suppliers for your needs. We can help you source high quality products with ease through our supply chain management expertise.

Real Estate Investments

Specialized in Ho Chi Minh and Southern markets, we help investors who are foreigners, or Viet Kieu invest strategically in different types of real estate projects. Our team can support you from selecting relevant investment opportunities, promoting your properties to suitable buyers, and transferring your funds back to your home country with ease.

How can our assistance benefit you?

With years of experience and a network of on-ground experts, our team can support you at every step of your project in Asia.

Overcome language barriers with our consulting and done-for-you services from incorporation setup, sourcing products and real estate assistance.

Experience seamless progress, avoiding common pitfalls, and achieving your goals faster.

Why should we look to Asia?

« The Asian century is about to begin ». All macroeconomic experts agree on this fact: Europe will continue to stagnate. Or at least, growth, prosperity and opportunities will be harder to seize in Europe. On the other side of the globe in Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.) GDP has increased by an average of +7% in recent years, opportunities are everywhere and even in the complicated year 2020, Vietnam has experienced positive growth. Diversifying assets is one of the main priorities that everyone should focus on.

Business and investment opportunities

Governments have huge debts, pension plans will remain unpaid, stock markets are overvalued and everyone is expecting an economic collapse in the upcoming years. Investing in a frontier market in Asia can help you to skip the next recession. How can you as a millennial, business owner or investor take steps to get through this crisis and perhaps even benefit financially? Relocating yourself to Asia or at least getting exposure through investment and business vehicules can help you to thrive in the next years.


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