Company incorporation

The MoveToAsia team will accompany you from your business idea, to the market research and the implementation of the final structure to support your activity. We help our expatriates in the creation of flexible companies in Vietnam for different types of businesses, such as: fitness, consulting, import-export, bar, restaurant...

Our partner network

Thanks to our network of trusted partners: lawyers, chartered accountants, tax specialists, notaries, etc... We provide support to new joiners in Asia and connect them to local suppliers, business partners to establish joint-venture or assist you with market-entry advice so you can save time and get your business on track.

Tailored services

From business consulting, to personalised coaching and turnkey solutions, our team adapts to your needs to offer you 'à la carte' services that respond to the issues of each individual we work with. Depending on your needs, your budget and your motivation, you will find information (free of charge), and videos, as well as being able to book a coaching session.

Sourcing in Vietnam

Vietnam is a manufacturing country to consider: cheap labor, free trade agreements with many countries, and specialization for certain types of products (textile, furniture, agriculture, ...). Sourcing your products in Vietnam can give you a competitive advantage. Our team will help you: finding the best factory partner, price negotiation, quality monitoring, until the shipment of your goods.

Hiring and outsourcing

Many companies are looking to relocate their human resources: IT development, call center, digital professions in order to benefit from a qualified workforce or to subcontract companies to perform services commonly called 'outsourcing'. Movetoasia will assist you in the recruitment, training and payroll follow-up of your employees relocated to Vietnam.

Real Estate Investments

We provide assistance to foreign investors who wish to acquire property in South East Asia. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the local property market, we can provide you with certain opportunities thanks to your partnerships with reputable property developers and real estate agents. Real estate projects eligible for foreigners (foreign quotas) or alternative investments in land ownership (through company incorporation and LURC).

Health insurance

A personalised advice service to help you choose the best health insurance for your situation.
Whether you are looking for a certain type of coverage, focusing on price, or need something specific related to your medical history, we have a wide choice of insurers that we can recommend according to your budget.

Job opportunities

In association with a headhunter based in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), we have created the only online training course to teach foreigners how to find job opportunities in Vietnam. We can also provide you with an exclusive list of companies to contact.

Help future expats

Whether it's choosing accommodation, recommending service providers to make sure your move is a smooth one, advice on everyday life, bank accounts, etc... You will always find the right guide that you need from us that will address the essential points you should bear in mind before moving abroad.

Do you want to put those plans into action that will change your life ?

You may be close to taking a big leap forward: moving abroad, starting your own business, a first real estate investment overseas, etc.

Whatever your current goals are, preparation and training are essential steps in the success of any project.

Why should we look to Asia?

« The Asian century is about to begin ». All macroeconomic experts agree on this fact: Europe will continue to stagnate. Or at least, growth, prosperity and opportunities will be harder to seize in Europe. On the other side of the globe in Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.) GDP has increased by an average of +7% in recent years, opportunities are everywhere and even in the complicated year 2020, Vietnam has experienced positive growth. Diversifying assets is one of the main priorities that everyone should focus on.

Business and investment opportunities

Governments have huge debts, pension plans will remain unpaid, stock markets are overvalued and everyone is expecting an economic collapse in the upcoming years. Investing in a frontier market in Asia can help you to skip the next recession. How can you as a millennial, business owner or investor take steps to get through this crisis and perhaps even benefit financially? Relocating yourself to Asia or at least getting exposure through investment and business vehicules can help you to thrive in the next years.


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