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Ces Médias Parlent de Movetoasia
Ces Médias Parlent de Movetoasia
Ces Médias Parlent de Movetoasia
Ces Médias Parlent de Movetoasia
Ces Médias Parlent de Movetoasia
Ces Médias Parlent de Movetoasia
Ces Médias Parlent de Movetoasia

Start a business

Support from A to Z, from market-entry analysis to recommendations for the location of your office, including legal advice, coaching and even all-in-one business creation in Vietnam. Surrounded by a reliable network of local partners (lawyers, accountants), we assist foreigners in French and English in opening their businesses in Vietnam.

Moving abroad

Help for expatriates wishing to relocate to South East Asian countries: exclusive resources for finding work, advice on choosing health insurance, a flat, international moves and visas. Movetoasia provides you with online training, guides and personalised consulting to help you through every step and avoid any pitfalls.


Take advantage of the opportunities in Asia to increase your wealth. Advice and expertise in buying real estate abroad, building up various stock market portfolios and optimising your tax situation in order to diversify your investments, increase and protect your savings with tailored alternative strategies that expose you to the growth of Asian markets.

Our Interviews & Podcast

Anthony Fatseas
Anthony FatseasPodcaster, WTFinance
There is hardly anything online [trustworthy information about investment in Asia]. It can be quite hard sometimes. You want to trust it, but it would be hard to trust it because you cannot find out anything.

Thu Hang BUI
Thu Hang BUI Journalist, VOV5 Vietnam
I found your site MoveToAsia. I find it very interesting and useful for foreigners who want to move to Asia because there are many pitfalls that they may face during their journey.

How to get the best out of South East Asia?

Move abroad to access more interesting career opportunities, invest to create a business or seek profitability and growth as an investor ... The possibilities and choices are wide-open and Asia has a lot to offer.


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