Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Vietnam lies at the crossroads of major shipping and transport routes, sharing borders with South China and occupying a central position within the dynamic region of East Asia.

Vietnam is quickly establishing itself as a dominant force in the manufacturing industry. With its strategic location, low-cost labor with increasingly skilled workforce and favorable business environment, Vietnam has attracted businesses from all over the world seeking to source their products.

But what makes Vietnam so important in the global supply chain? Why this destination is becoming the go-to country for manufacturing and exports ?

Let’s take a closer look at the diversity of products manufactured in Vietnam !

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What are some of the best MADE-IN-VIETNAM products sourced from Vietnamese suppliers and factories ? This video reveal some of the must-source items in Vietnam :

Wide Variety of Vietnam Products

Textile and Garments

Vietnam’s garment industry is booming, attracting major international fashion brands like Uniqlo, Zara, H&M, Nike, and Adidas. These brands source fabrics and apparel from numerous Vietnamese manufacturers, including Texhong, TNG, Maybank, Viettien, Vinatex, PouYuen, Tae Kwang Vina, and Ghim Moh. Beyond these big names, many other renowned labels like Gap, Old Navy, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levi’s also rely on Vietnamese manufacturing.

how to source textile in Vietnam

This trend is fueled by Vietnam’s competitive advantages such as cost-effective labor, favorable trade agreements, and a skilled workforce, making it a major player in the global garment industry.

Textile and garments in Vietnam has been appreciated due to its:

  • High Quality and Craftsmanship: Renowned for its high-quality fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship, Vietnamese manufacturers prioritize every detail, meeting the stringent standards of leading brands.
  • Impressive Production and Export Scale: Over 6,000 garment factories employing 2.5 million skilled workers power Vietnam’s garment industry, delivering high-quality apparel to markets worldwide.

Despite its success story with a strong track record of growth and a skilled workforce, Vietnam’s textile and garment industry faces challenges in 2023, including price pressures, short delivery times, and competition.

To address these issues, Vietnam has implemented key solutions like supply chain improvements, market diversification, and a focus on sustainability and digitalization. These efforts have yielded positive results in 2023 with an export turnover of $40.3 billion. Looking ahead, the industry aims to achieve an even higher target of $44 billion in export revenue by 2024.

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Footwear and shoes

Beyond being a footwear production destination, Vietnam has established itself as a manufacturing hub for major international brands. Renowned names like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma all rely on Vietnam’s manufacturing prowess.

Nike shoes are made in vietnam

Vietnam’s footwear exports surpass 1 billion pairs annually, indicating that 1 out of 8 footwear consumers worldwide uses Vietnamese-made products. Nike has entrusted Vietnam with over 50% of its footwear production, making it the brand’s largest manufacturing partner. Adidas also places significant trust in Vietnam, with 30% of its global supply being manufactured there. Similarly, renowned footwear brands like Reebok and Puma operate substantial manufacturing and processing facilities in Vietnam.

Driven by its advantages in labor costs, a plentiful and skilled labor force, Vietnam has firmly established its position as the world’s “footwear manufacturing workshop.”

Furniture and Handicrafts

Wood, ceramic, rattan and bamboo are in the lead ! The Vietnamese furniture export industry is experiencing remarkable growth, with exports reaching 16.01 billion USD in 2023, an 8.1% increase compared to 2022. Vietnamese furniture is exported to more than 120 countries, of which the main markets are the United States, England, Canada, Australia and Japan. The United States is the largest export market, accounting for 68.52% of the total export value. Key products include tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, beds, sofas, and home décor items, all of which are highly regarded for their excellent quality, diverse designs, and competitive prices.

This industry’s growth is fueled by Vietnam’s abundant timber resources, low labor costs, skilled workforce, and supportive government policies. These factors have attracted numerous domestic and foreign investors, contributing to a rise in the number of furniture export enterprises to over 3,000.

The Vietnamese furniture industry is projected to continue its strong growth trajectory in the future due to its immense potential in terms of raw materials, craftsmanship, and market demand. Renowned international brands like IKEA, Ashley Furniture, Target, Lowe’s have already placed their trust in Vietnamese furniture.

There are some large Furniture Fairs that take place annually in Vietnam. If you want to explore more, please WATCH THIS!!!

Electronics in Vietnam

ELECTRONICS: Vietnam’s electronics industry is rapidly growing, expected to reach USD 48.5 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of over 10%. Major brands like Samsung, LG Electronics, Intel, Canon, Apple and Bosch have significant operations in Vietnam, attracted by factors such as cost-competitive labor, FTAs, skilled workforce, and government incentives. The industry’s growth is supported by investments in automation and R&D, positioning Vietnam as a key global electronics manufacturing hub.

electronics assembly line in Vietnam : example of Apple

Samsung is the largest foreign invested enterprise in Vietnam, with a total investment capital of about 20 billion USD, providing more than 50% of Samsung phones.

Since 2007, Bosch has expanded its operations in Vietnam with two branch offices in Hanoi and Da Nang, and a Drive System factory in Dong Nai province.

Recently, Apple has had a decision to turn Vietnam into a valuable manufacturer. Tim Cook affirmed that Apple wants to promote investment activities in Vietnam, especially developing high-tech products and applications to participate in the App Store.

During 2 days April 15-16 in 2024, Apple CEO came to Vietnam to connect students, creators and customers

Construction Materials

Vietnam’s construction materials industry is booming, with both domestic production and exports experiencing significant growth. Production of cement, tiles, iron and steel, and other key materials is steadily increasing to meet domestic needs and a growing export market. By 2023, Vietnam’s construction material exports reached over USD 5 billion, with major destinations including the US, China, and ASEAN countries. The cement industry exemplifies this growth, with projected exports of 34 million tons in 2020, alongside strong domestic consumption. Steel production also contributes significantly, with exports exceeding 4.5 million tons in 2019. Overall, Vietnam’s construction materials industry is a strong contributor to the country’s economy.

Agricultural Products

Coffee, Pepper, Cashew Nuts, Food and Seafood exportation: Despite facing COVID-19 challenges, Vietnam’s agricultural and seafood exports thrived in 2023, showcasing a remarkable 14.2% overall growth to reach US$12.4 billion.

Key agricultural exports like coffee (US$2 billion) and vegetables (US$2.5 billion) maintained strong performance, while others like natural rubber (US$1.9 billion) experienced significant surges. Seafood exports also remained robust at US$3.7 billion, with tuna leading the pack. This resilience and growth solidify the agricultural and seafood sectors as crucial drivers of Vietnam’s economy and position them for continued success in the post-pandemic global market.

And much more! Vietnam’s manufacturing capabilities extend far beyond this list!

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Why Businesses Choose to Source from Vietnam in 2024 ?

Pros of manufacturing in Vietnam

Businesses choose to source from Vietnam due to a combination of factors that make it an attractive manufacturing location. Vietnam boasts a strategic location in Southeast Asia, close to major markets and shipping routes. Additionally, the ease of doing business in Vietnam has improved significantly in recent years, with the government actively promoting foreign investment through transparent regulations and incentives.

Samsung factory in Vietnam

Vietnam also offers a strong workforce and competitive production costs. The country has a young, growing population with a high literacy rate, providing a large pool of skilled labor. Coupled with relatively low minimum wages compared to other regional countries, Vietnam presents a cost-effective manufacturing solution.

Vietnam has industrial centers across the country, with Hanoi in the north focusing on various industries, Da Nang in the central region playing a key role, and Ho Chi Minh City in the south being a major economic hub. Industrial parks like those in the Southern Key Economic Region attract foreign investment.

Cons of sourcing in Vietnam

However, sourcing from Vietnam can be complex. While communication and cultural differences can create hurdles, a limited product range and developing infrastructure can also pose challenges. Additionally, weaker intellectual property laws raise concerns about protecting designs and inventions.

Finally, it is not easy for a business to find a reliable partner!

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