Thailand is the country where expatriates live best. As the unemployment rate continues to rise in Europe with 15.61 million people out of work in July 2019, Thailand’s economic growth is attracting more and more young people. .More and more young people are leaving their country of origin and moving to the other side of the world. Thailand has understood this enthusiasm of young foreign workers, and intends to take advantage of this by opening its borders even more. Skilled workers are the most in demand, but this does not mean that you cannot find a job if you don’t have a diploma. On the contrary, with the development of tourism, seasonal work and jobs that do not require a great speciality are open to all. There is a system that is specific to this country, and there is also a list of occupations that are prohibited for foreigners.

Hi, I’m Guillaume and I’ve been living in Asia for more than four years. I’ve travelled all over Asia to finally settle down there. To live and work there, there are countries that offer enormous opportunities in terms of jobs and careers abroad 🤑.

I started by working as an intern to finally find a job and be able to live there permanently. In this article you will find some of my best advice about Thailand. However, you will also discover the other side of the coin about jobs in Asia and contrary to what you may think, Thailand is not the best country when it comes to finding work 🚀. I tell you more in this article, so you will find my advice on which country to choose at the bottom of the page.

How to live and work in Bangkok in Thailand with a foreign employment

Q&A – How to find a job and work in Thailand ?

🌍 I work remotely. Will Thailand be a good place to live for me?

Absolutely. Thailand is a magnet for digital nomads from all around the world. By living and working remotely in Thailand, you will have a chance to meet same-minded people and experience the life you have never had before. Affordable living, fast internet connection and loads of co-working spaces and cafes for freelancers – that’s all about Thailand.

🇹🇭 Is it possible to find a seasonal job in Thailand?

Yes. One of the most important sectors of Thailand’s economy is tourism. Therefore, the country is waiting for seasonal workers from any place of the world all year round. Starting by working in tourism or education to be able to bounce back to another sector is a good way to integrate yourself in the country, make your first marks to finally find the job of your dreams in Thailand in the sector of your choice.

💰 Can I open a business in Thailand as a foreigner?

Yes. There are no restrictions when it comes to starting your own business in Thailand being a foreigner. Nevertheless, we would recommend you hiring a consultant and an accountant to make sure you go through all official procedures as required. Thailand is still a country that protects local jobs, so be prepared to hire local Thai people. The majority of foreigners living in Thailand own a company located abroad (Hong Kong, Singapore, United States) and can reside in Thailand thanks to wage portage or the acquisition of a specific visa.

📝 What should I do first to go to Thailand and search for a job there?

We advise to start searching for a job before you come to Thailand – there are various employment platforms that offer thousands of vacancies. Try to apply to some of them, and if it doesn’t work out, you can go to Thailand with a non-immigrant B visa and look for a position already upon arrival. We recommend that you turn to the Facebook groups of expatriates in Thailand, solicit directly expatriates who have a position in the country via a professional network such as LinkedIn and thus be able to compare your profile with that of someone on the spot. You will be able to find out if you are likely to find a job in your sector of activity.

👮 Do I get a work permit already after I arrive to Thailand?

If you decide to look for a job on-spot, you will be able to receive your work permit in Thailand’s Department of Employment upon your arrival. The only thing you will need to do before coming to Thailand is to obtain a non-immigrant visa, and you are good to go. When it comes to finding work abroad, you will need to be proactive and reach out to expatriates to maximize your chances of finding work. Don’t just rely on a few long-distance exchanges of messages in order to receive a proposal, you will have to show your motivation, convince the person to give you a chance and show them how much it makes sense and that you are really motivated to join them.

Sectors With High Employment Potential

Several sectors are recruiting in Thailand. Skilled workers are in high demand. The high-tech sector is one of the sectors that offers employment opportunities. Whether you are a developer, graphic designer or programmer, you should know that your profile is particularly sought after by startups in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand. This is an emerging field in this emerging country. Similarly, the field of education, communication, marketing and financial services regularly hire.

how to find a work for a foreigner in Thailand in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Pattaya

Digital Nomads

There are so-called “digital nomads”. These are people who associate work with travel, a very particular lifestyle that is very much popular at the moment. People in search of freedom, discovery and adventure who, as they roam the roads, find inspiration in the travel experiences. Many of them find what they are looking for in Thailand. The technology is developed enough to allow them to continue their activity and continue their work. Moreover, the foreign community is constantly growing. Life is affordable, so both financially and socially there is enough to convince people to stay. Moreover, this type of worker can very easily work in a downtown apartment if they find their inspiration in contact with people and cultures, otherwise they will have the opportunity to go to the forest, the mountains or the islands with a coffee on the beach, if that is what they prefer. In all cases, the necessary amenities will be available. There is a good reason why Thailand is one of the best cities in the world for them.

A Sector Very Accessible to Foreigners: Tourism

If there is one area that is likely to employ foreigners, mastering several languages and even better that already has previous experience, it is the tourism sector.

Work and find a job in Thailand : a booming city with a lot of opportunities

Thailand, as we all probably know, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and a wide range of opportunities may arise if you decide to change your life and settle in this country. The list of potential jobs is very long, ranging from hotel positions (reception, kitchen service, room service, logistics, accounting, etc…) to the various airlines, restaurants, travel agencies, spas and various wellness centres, cruise lines. Whether it is positions of responsibility, temporary positions or vacation and acting positions, you will be able to find what suits you best.

International Organizations and Embassies

Although the qualifications required are very specific in this type of offer, it cannot be ruled out that many foreigners may work in Thailand on projects financed by the World Bank or the United Nations; similarly, you may meet many expatriates in the various embassies. It is therefore a possibility to explore if you have in mind to look for work there and if you have a project to settle there. Salaries are considered motivating in these types of work environments, plus the various benefits and allowances. Do not hesitate to contact the embassies to find out about any notices of calls for applications for positions to be filled.

Create your company and launch your project in Thailand

Why not embark on entrepreneurship, as you are already in the process of making a radical change in your life. Thailand is currently booming economically, and if you have good ideas this country will know how to make the most of them. After all, many expatriates have already taken the risk of creating their own company on the spot, and at the moment some of them have become multinational businesses. It’s not that they discovered the magic formula to make their business grow, but they were able to ride the wave of the country’s economic development.
If you have the ambition to start your business but do not yet have the resources to do so, it is a very good idea to come to Thailand. Your start-up will cost you much less than in France or more globally in Europe. And you have the opportunity to be spotted by investors because they are very interested in Thailand right now.

How to work in thailand for local or international corporations

For legislative and tax issues, work with a local consultant so you don’t get lost because the system is different from other countries. In large cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, you could also count on the support and experience of your compatriots, many of whom will surely be there as the expatriate community in Thailand is growing.

Occupations Prohibited to Foreigners and Legislation on Foreign Workers

In all, there are 39 activities that a foreigner cannot carry out on Thai territory. It is a government policy to promote the employment of the local population. These include, , manual work, handicrafts, hairdresser, driver, and shoemakers, among others. Don’t waste your time looking for work in these areas because in any case the law will not allow you to practice.

Regarding the legislation around foreign workers, the first would be to apply for a non-immigrant B visa. After obtaining the visa, the worker applies for the work permit, which is done through the Department of Employment, which is attached to the Ministry of Labor. To do this, the following documents will have to be prepared:

  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Photocopy of the entry card to Thailand
  • Employer’s certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Photocopy of diplomas
  • Identity photos

Working in Thailand could be your dream come true. With a good preparation you could be more successful in your expatriation. Nothing is won in advance, but nothing is lost in advance, and to put all the chances on your side and optimize your job search, these few pieces of information will be useful to you. On many levels you won’t regret your decision to change your life and join Thailand’s beautiful beaches. Psychologically, culture shock can be a little taxing, because the lifestyle in Asia is said to be very different from that in the West. However, Thailand has a wealth to offer you: its people and their smiles, its cuisine, and its idyllic places.

Work with a corporate job in Thailand for expat moving in Asia with great income

Thailand needs the expertise of people from all over the world, as there is still a clear lack of competence among its population for high level positions. Nevertheless, employers know that the number of candidates who will be interested in coming to work in Thailand is increasing, so much so that the selection criteria are becoming more and more specialized and the profiles that succeed are always the best, most ambitious and most brilliant. Especially for the French, there is a structure that helps newcomers to integrate, it is the Franco-Thaetian Chamber of Commerce. They offer assistance in job search, housing, social integration, and other procedures that may seem unclear to you when you arrive on site. In any case, the most important thing is to develop professionally., there are some who have succeeded in their expatriation, there are some who have decided that they are finally better off in their country of origin.

🤔 Thailand: is it really the best country to work in?

To be present mainly in the three countries of South East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. We notice many foreign people finding work in Vietnam (much more in number than in Thailand) and this is due to the fact that many western companies are established in Vietnam and are looking to recruit: interns, VIE, local contracts and even expatriate contracts. If you are looking for work experience in South East Asia, we invite you to consider Vietnam in your list of choice of countries to expatriate to.

Vietnam, with its dynamism and the presence of many companies, is an asset for many foreigners looking for a job in Asia. We invite you to continue reading below by following the link to discover our step-by-step plan that will help you in your search for work in Vietnam.

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