10 reasons why you should retire in Myanmar …

Myanmar is one of the fast-developing countries of the world. With more than 56 million people living in Myanmar, the country has people belonging to different ethnicities and religions living there. It’s neighboring countries are China, Thailand and India. With more than 135 diverse ethnicities living there, religions followed in the country include Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam.

The country uses a democratic system of politics. The signs of British colonialism are evident in the architect of the country. The main languages used by the locals are Chinese, Burmese, and Hindi. Industrial sectors responsible for the growth of the economy of Myanmar are the industrial sectors, tourism and agriculture sectors.

Q&A : Retired in Myanmar to take your retirement as a foreigner – Answers about the most asked questions

🕵️ Will I feel safe as a retiree in Myanmar?

Absolutely. The country has a low criminal rate, which makes it a safe place to live in.

💰 Is retirement in Myanmar affordable?

Although Myanmar is slightly more expensive than its neighbors, it is still affordable for most expats coming from Europe or North America. You will enjoy stunning nature, good food and peaceful lifestyle at the price that is definitely lower than in your home country.

🙏 Will my religion anyhow affect my retirement stay in Myanmar?

No. Though Myanmar tends to be more religious than other countries in the region, its people are open-minded, and will welcome foreigners of any religion as soon as you respect their culture.

There are many reasons why Myanmar might be the best place to retire and live in, some of which are as follows:

Best tourism sites

Myanmar is home to many beautiful sites. There are thousands of temples, pagodas, local markets beaches, dense forests and mountains.

best tourism sites

The archaeological sites, rivers are some other beautiful sites that can be found in Myanmar. There are places like Mount Popa for hiking, Inle Lake for boating. Newly built shopping malls are also a site for the tourists.

The local cuisine

Myanmar is famous for its local cuisine, which is very rich in taste. There are a variety of dishes to choose from mainly including the Italian, Chinese, and Indian food dishes. The local cuisine has developed due to the fusion of different tastes. Many foreign restaurants have been developed. The prices at which these dishes are available are a little expensive. There are various street food options to choose from as well which are affordable.


The people of Myanmar are known for their friendly, polite, and welcoming nature, they also like to help others. They are respectful of others. They love socializing, taking strolls in the park and hanging out at cafes is very common. Their traditional games, traditions and celebrations are famous all around the world.

culture in myanmar

People are religious, they like to lead a spiritual life. Religious calls can be heard from the mosques all day long, you can also find monks walking around in different areas. They lead simple lives, rising early and having an early night is a common practice.

Entertainment and recreational activities

There are a lot of recreational activities that you can do in Myanmar. The local restaurants, pubs, and markets are some of the most common places to hang out with friends. Hiking, trekking, cycling, and electric bike riding are some of the most interesting activities that can be enjoyed in the country.

Meditation sites are also popular in Myanmar. There are many small bars, pubs, coffee shops, and cinemas where you can enjoy hanging out with your family and friends. There are several art galleries and studios that can be found in different parts of the country. Many festivals and celebrations also take place in Myanmar. These celebrations mainly include the Lunar New Year, Christmas etc.


Myanmar is rich in wildlife. There are more than eight hundred types of birds. Myanmar is also known for other types of animals like tigers, bears, wildcats, buffalos, elephants, crocodiles, and snakes. Due to the location of Myanmar, and the monsoon season that lasts for months, the thick forests with long trees are also a wonderful sight to see.

Living in Myanmar

The cost of living in Myanmar is very economic. More houses and apartments are being built in the country. In the older parts of the country like the Downtown, the living expenses are lower as compared to other parts of the country where the rent expenses are starting from $800.

living in myanmar

Basic grocery items like Shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, etc. will cost you around a few dollars. Taxis and buses are the most common modes of transportation in Myanmar.

Local markets

The local markets of Myanmar are very busy. The shops are diverse with a variety of items available to purchase. Clothes, art pieces, fruits, vegetables, meat, and a lot more is sold at these local shops. The street food at these local markets is also very popular.

Risks associated

Living in Myanmar does come at some costs as there are a few risks that are associated with living there. The power outages in the country are bad. These power outages can disrupt life. To avoid any disruptions, the locals prefer using generators. Other risks are associated with the healthcare systems which are yet to be developed properly. In case of serious illnesses and injuries there are very few hospitals with proper facilities available for treatment.

Crime rates in Myanmar

Myanmar is a safe country for tourists to live in. It is very safe to walk around at night. Petty crimes like theft are few. Crimes like corruption and bribery are more common.

Business opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to start up your own business in Myanmar. The government is developing laws to attract foreign investors and make it safer for them to invest in the country. Myanmar is attractive to many small start-up firms and entrepreneurs. The work force in Myanmar is very diverse. The labor costs are very competitive as compared to other neighboring countries.

Myanmar is one of the best cities in the world. With more than hundreds of tourism sights to see like temples, markets, shops, and beaches, the country has become more popular. There is a lot of variety of cuisines to choose from. The hygiene standards are low therefore eating street food is not the best option, the government is trying to teach its people the importance of hygiene.

Banks and money transferring options are also limited. For people who like to lead a simple life, Myanmar is the right place for them. As Myanmar continues to develop, the way of life is also expected to become easier and better.

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