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Multiplying and adding to one’s net worth is something that every capital investor plans and prepares for. There are multiple avenues by which one can increase their money by considerable amounts. Some are more of a quick fix while other methods take longer to bear fruits. It also depends upon the capacity of the individual.

Some people are more aware of the ins and outs of the business world while others tend to rely on banks to do the work for them. Some invest in small scale industries while others buy stocks in multinational companies. No one can be entirely sure of the outcome but everyone tries their best to reap the best reward possible.

Q&A : Buy real estate and properties for foreigners in The Philippines

📈 Can real estate in the Philippines be considered a good investment opportunity?

Absolutely. The country is still on its development way, and wise investors know that investing in a developing country is the wisest choice one can make. The country offers multiple real estate options, from residential property to large commercial projects.

👤 Will I need to hire a real estate agent to buy property in the Philippines?

It is not a must, since most Filipinos speak English, and you can clarify all details with them. However, if you are not familiar with the real estate market in the Philippines, we would recommend seeking expert advice to make a safe and reliable deal.

💰 I have a very limited budget. Will I be able to afford buying real estate in the Philippines?

Yes. One of the advantages of investing in real estate market in the Philippines is a low capital one needs to invest. You will be able to choose from various options, from traditional residential houses on a beachside, to commercial spaces that can be used for lease or starting your own business.

Real Estate

Real estate is simply defined as the properties comprising land or buildings. All the natural resources within the land of the country are part of its real estate. There are multiple types of real estate that are available to the general public of a country. Commercial form is the most profitable one and it includes Malls, offices, school buildings, shopping centers, etc. Industrial real estate is another burgeoning sector.

real estate in the philippines for foreigners

It consists of warehouses and industries where products are manufactured in both raw and refined forms. The buildings used for storage, research, and distribution purposes fall under this umbrella too. Residential is perhaps the most common form of real estate, it attracts great interest from the population. All kinds of homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, flats, etc. fall under this category.

All the vacant lands, empty farms, and ranches, undeveloped and unused properties are a part of the land real estate. Most people still remain cautious while investing in real estate although it has generated more wealth than any other industry of the world. In this article we will look at how investing in real estate in the Philippines is a great idea and the ways to gain from it.

Less Investment Required

One doesn’t need to have large assets or major capital to get started. Here the use of wisdom comes in handy. There are multiple ways one can begin investing in real estate without using much cash. This includes trading fixed assets such as Jewelry, cars in return for some real estate. This can be a good base to build from. Many people begin in an investment partner with cash while they provide the creative expertise to grow the assets for future profits.

Banks also assist their customers by providing loans that are returned in installments over a period of time. A peer to peer lending network is also utilized in some cases. If one has enough spare capital then these methods can be by-passed but if not then it’s wise to take these small risks because over a period of time no other source will generate more wealth.

Lease Options

If the real estate market is booming then this happens to work really well. This is a great way to become involved in this world without having a great credit score in the beginning.

economy about business opportunities to invest in

If the property value soars, one can sell the rights for the purchase to someone else and make a profit from that.

Rise in Property Value

The classic buy and sell move usually works wonders. The trick to this is to buy property in an undiscovered part of the country with the realization that it might rise in value in a few years’ time as the country continues to grow and expand. Selling it at the right time and not holding on to it is fundamental.

Contract Flipping

In contract flipping one basically plays the role of a middleman. Flip contracts are bringing together an unhappy seller and a keen buyer. The trick is to locate a buyer who has hands and money in his pockets and is ready to splash it.

Ancillary Profits

Revenue can be generated from small, micro-businesses that crop up in and around the property. In this way, money is not only being earnt by direct sale or rental income but there is now another source in addition to it.
Vacation Homes in Tourist Heavy Destinations

Since the Philippines is a country that attracts a large number of tourists and travelers, investing in vacation homes is a profitable venture both at present and in the future. Breathtaking waters and stunning sights will continue to lure people from around the world, and as the government continues to encourage people associated with the tourism industry, investing in vacation homes and suites is a mouthwatering prospect.

Empty Spaces on Main Roads

The empty spaces adjacent to the main highways have great potential to become profitable. In this regard, it is best advised to take creative input from the concerned people as to what kind of real estate will work best.

location for property investment in the philippines

Unused land between commercial and housing areas can also be bought but make sure that one obtains the legal paperwork for the accurate handing over of the property.


Many developers of the property provide outsourcing facilities. This allows one to maintain a regular check and balance on their real estate while also being able to carry on with other aspects of their professional lives. These advertisers advertise, book, and in some cases remit income from the properties.

Investment Plans

Once the area and the property to invest in has been zeroed upon, it is of crucial significance that an investment plan is devised. It is important to recognize a hungry market, and have a standout product but it’s of no value if the planning goes astray. Figure out the timeline in terms of return on investment (ROI) keeping in mind the investment made. This will give one a basic idea as to when sufficient income will begin generating. Streamline the entire investment process from the projected expenses to the revenue so that wise, collected decisions could be made instead of rash, hasty ones.

All in all, real estate has great potential for exponential growth. No one really knows the pinnacle it can or might achieve in the Philippines. Even though the market from a distance might seem crowded but there are enough options available for one to make a path for themselves.

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